General FAQs

Currently we have no minimum number required. Due to COVID, we do have a maximum allowed of 10.

 You can reserve the studio for and additional fee of $25.

Absolutely not! I encourage everyone to choose what appeals to them most. Painting something you really like is what makes this such a fun experience!  I will be providing individual help to each attendee to ensure everyone leaves with a painting they are happy with.

There are no age restrictions for private parties, with the understanding the child will be supervised by the parent.  

For public sessions, age is restricted to 14 and up.

During Open Studio time, parents may bring children ages 5 through 13.

  If you are interested in coming in simply to explore painting without direction, painting something on your own, or having Mommy and Me time to paint with your child, this is the time to do this. You will have a 2 hour block of time to spend painting whatever you please and exploring your creative side! These sessions are not instructor led and all children ages 5 through 13 must be supervised and instructed by their parent.  Presketched canvases can be provided pursuant to communication with me at the time reservation is made.

Absolutely!  You may bring wine, beer, and any snacks you prefer.  We do not provide refreshments, so we encourage you to do so.

No, all supplies are provided for you, including an apron to wear. 

Sessions usually last around 2 hours depending on the number of people attending etc. There is no additional charge for running over, and I am happy to stay until the last person is complete and satisfied with their painting!

Absolutely not! I am here to guide you through your painting experience and make it a fun and satisfying time.  I presketch the canvas for you, and then I guide and direct you on how to achieve what you want to achieve.  Upon completion, you may be quite surprised at your own creative talent!